AQC and some new quilts

I’ve been home from AQC (Australasian Quilt Convention)  a week but my head still feels a bit like this

quilters brain

Following classes I took with Mary Transom,  Suzanne Gummow and Julie Haddrick, I now have 3 little quilts on my wall waiting to be finished –  pansies, as yet unnamed but it will be a tropical flower and feathers.

pansies ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

As usual, what seemed at first to be a lot of free time to look at the quilt exhibitions and do some shopping (!)  turned out to be not nearly enough – day 4 and I hadn’t seen all the quilts, and the shopping I wanted to do, well of course it was sold out wasn’t it.

I have been looking for pretty fairies for a little girl’s quilt, and as I couldn’t find any locally, went searching at AQC – no little girly fairies there either, but a lovely fishy panel caught my eye, and here it is with the first two borders added  –

It’s now finished and bound, ready for the label.



3 responses to “AQC and some new quilts

  1. judy norman

    Hi Sue, I love the pansies but really love the look of the crazy patchwork in greens and yellows. Sort of looks like my head I think, really addled. Glad you had fun at the Quilt show, I was thinking of you, with envy.


    • Hi Judy, I had more to add, but hit the publish button instead of save … later tonight or tomorrow for the rest of the story…


  2. Is there a beaders version of that brain??