Fiery sunrise followed by fog

I am having a few problems with my new Samsung Tablet, bought now so I could take it overseas with me.  Yesterday’s post happened accidentally while working out settings on the unfamiliar screen.  DD was guiding me through  – blind leading the blind, she has an iPad, a bit different – when she said “Ooh, you posted that!” .  Hurriedly edited the picture with the apology and updated.  Now I think about it, I could have deleted it then instead, but it was already appearing in readers’ mailboxes, so too late anyway. 🙂

This was yesterday’s sunrise, absolutely brilliant for about 10 minutes –

Red sunrise

Fiery red sunrise

And then today was nothing like it.  The sun didn’t ‘come up’ at all, we had one of our regular May fogs, actually the first one for this year I think.  Behind the fog is the neighbour’s vineyard.

Fog over the vineyard

Fog over the vineyard

I have been madly quilting my tunnel quilt hoping to have it finished ready for the guild exhibition (end June) before I went away, but that is not going to happen.  Adding layers of tulle and organza has slowed down the process, and this needs very careful painstaking stitching, which I’m not able to do at the moment – that can wait until I get back in July when I hope to be more relaxed.  All other quilts are being left with friends who will be delivering them for me.

Less than a week now before I leave for Europe and the Internation Quilt Festival of Ireland. I shall be taking lots of photos of course, and hopefully I’ll have found a way to get them onto my Tablet by then.

Ha, the sun has come out now and we have a bright sunny day.


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  1. Kerry Black

    HI Sue,
    Hope you have a wonderful time. Look forward to hearing about your experiences.
    Kerry Black