Stack of books ready for markets

Over the last couple of weeks I have been making lots of covers for notebooks and diaries.  I had quite a production line going.

First, was cutting lots of 9-inch wide strips of iron-on pellon


Then choosing fabrics

Fabrics 1

Fabrics 2

Fabrics 3

Fabrics 4

Fabrics 5

Cutting into mounds of strips all one and a half inches wide –

Pile of strips

And sewing onto the pellon as quilt-as-you-go –

Piecing in progress

To make these lovely pieces of stripped fabrics –

Strip pieced fabrics

Strip pieced fabrics 2

Strip pieced fabrics 3Then choosing a book from the pile –

Pile of new booksAnd trimming the fabric to size, and fancy stitching the edges –

Fancy edge stitchingTo make these covers –

Book covers 1Book covers 2Book covers 3Book covers 4Book cover 5This one is my favourite, and I think I will keep it for myself –

Red book coverAll finished and stacked ready on the ‘shelf’.  Visual diaries on the left, calendar diaries in the middle and lined notebooks on the right.  Smaller sized books flat on the table.  The display includes the few I had left from market days.

Shelf of books

I think that’s enough books for a while, for markets as well as taking to the Deloraine Craft Fair in 3 weeks’ time.

Tomorrow, I am back in my studio.  As it is forecast to be quite warm, I think I will be painting the fabric for the quilt I want to take to Deloraine !


2 responses to “Stack of books ready for markets

  1. judy norman

    Lovely covers Sue. Have you thought of doing covers for kindle type tablets. Just a thought. Judy


  2. Yes I have Judy, the design is in the pipeline. Question – do I make a ‘purse’ style (fairly easy to make) or something that stays with the tablet itself and slides in and out (not quite so simple). Any thoughts?