Deloraine Craft Fair and Tasmanian Art Quilt Prize

Only eight more sleeps before I head off to Deloraine for the Tasmanian Craft Fair, four days for the visiting public to see hundreds of wonderful talented artisans and craftspeople who are there showing off their art.

The countdown has started.  All my scarves have been washed and ironed and are hanging on clothes airers until it is time to pack them in boxes early next week. Later I leave them, the less fold marks will show when they are hanging.

scarves all pressed and ready

scarves all pressed and ready

The box of journals and small handbags are packed, hand-dyed fat quarters are colour co-ordinated in their baskets.

Usually there are hessian walls separating the stalls, but this year the powers that be decided to do away with the hessian and let us make our own walls!  Yes, I have mine all made, with a little bit of help from DD who sat on the other side of the table to hold the fabric as it went through the sewing machine, all 6 metres of it in length, by 2metres in height, and that’s just the back wall, the side walls are each 2.5metres long.

That just leaves the quilt to finish …. I started it on Monday with a bit of painting, bright splashes on a black cotton sateen background (it has a lovely sheen to it) –

and today got to work on the sewing machine –

That’s just a taster, you’ll have to wait until I have it finished before anymore photos to show.

Meanwhile, last Thursday evening, the winners of the Tasmanian Art Quilt Prize 2013  ‘What a Site’, were announced – Winner is Sandra Champion of Hobart with her quilt ‘From the Cove’, and Kath Wilkinson of NSW with her quilt ‘Traces‘.  The exhibition of the quilts is in the Bond Store Basement Gallery of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart, and is open daily until Sunday 3 November.

Sandra Champion's 'From the Cove'

Sandra Champion’s ‘From the Cove’

Kath Wilkinson's 'Traces'

Kath Wilkinson’s ‘Traces’

I hope some of my readers are able to visit the gallery to see these wonderful art quilts.


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