Another UFO is finished and studio update

Remember this quilt from a year or more ago?

Tunnel quilt original photo 2013

Tunnel quilt original photo 2013

Which I cut the photo into strips and played around with it – read about it in this blog from January 2013 .

Tunnel quilt

Ready for quilting

Well, a couple of weeks ago I looked at it again, quilting finished (and no photos of that 😦  ), but there was too much colour in it,  tunnels are dark and mysterious, not bright and colourful as this.

After auditioning various organza and tulle overlays, I decided that painting might be the answer.  Out came the paints – bother, no transparent black only very thick opaque which wouldn’t do at all.  Light bulb moment – Indian Ink 🙂 After trialling various glitter/pearl type paints, I found this watercolour medium in the local art supply store.

Ink and sparkle

Ready to go

Ready to go

One and a half bottles of ink later, diluted at 3:1 with a few drops of the iridescent medium added to each mix of ink,  and painting it twice to get the depth of darkness I wanted, I added some pearl splashes to the area of the tunnel floor.

Those bright pinks and blues are more subtle browns now.  There is quite a lot of “water sparkle” on the fabric which isn’t showing in the photo, but very visible in sunlight.

Tunnel quilt finished

Painting finished and tunnel transformed



Now to finish off – do I bind it in the same fabric as the bars, or do I make a facing on the back? I don’t think this is a quilt to use the overlocker on.

Pinned on the wall now, so I can walk past it and think about it for a week or so.


The studio is still waiting to be finished and occupied.  The plumber was expected 2 Monday’s ago, hopefully it will be third time lucky – next Monday.  We can’t “occupy” until the building inspector says so, and the plumbing has to be done before that, even though it is an extension of an already existing occupied dwelling!

The fan lights for the ceiling have arrived, and when they have been installed (electrician needs to use the scaffolds to get up to the peak), we can go ahead with ordering the floor coverings.

Keep smiling – I’m trying to 🙂


7 responses to “Another UFO is finished and studio update

  1. Colin and Dorotea Hinrichsen

    Dear Sue, how very brave of you to paint over those lovely colours. The result is amazing, the “tunnel” is really there. Congratulations, D.

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  2. Thanks Dorotea. I think the hardest part of the whole quilt was getting the depth and perspective just right and then knowing it was time to STOP fiddling with it ! 🙂


  3. In the beginning of your post I gasped when I read that you cut up your quilt! But when I saw the end product, I was wowed. It looks amazing! You are truly an artist with vision and creativity.

    As far as the binding, what if you pillow case the quilt?

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    • I am thinking about a 6 inch facing rather than a pillow case now, as it is already rather heavy for its size.
      Thanks for visiting my blog, I also checked out yours, and love the wireform made from “almost nothing”. 🙂

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  4. Congratulations 35001 visits!

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  5. Thanks, the numbers do creep up don’t they?


  6. Fantastic Sue, you really do have a sense of adventure.