Fun with Indigo

With another Indigo workshop happening this weekend, I made up a new brew, and tested it for colour, and tried out a few what-ifs.

Here are three scarves I chose to overdye, ones which for some reason didn’t quite make the grade for selling at markets.


Indigo overdyeing 2 - clamped and ready to go - L to R pink, orange, dk red

Ready to go – L to R – large pink, large orange/green and fuschia metallic.

And after dyeing –

Indigo overdye 2 - pink, before opening

Unclamped before opening

Indigo overdye 2 - bright pink silk scarf

After rinsing and ironing

Indigo overdye 2 - orange scarf in dye dregs

Orange scarf before opening

Indigo overdye 2 - orange scarf on opening

Opened and resting on gravel

Indigo overdye 2- Large orange silk shawl

Rinsed and ironed

Indigo overdye - Large silk shawl 2

Lovely fan design on end

Indigo overdye 2 - red silk & metal scarf

Fuschia metallic scarf has horizontal stripes


The what-if experiment –

Having carefully removed each bundle from the vat into a large bowl, I had carried them outside to unwrap and hang.  As the bowl had quite an amount of greenish liquid in it, I thought what if I put another bundle in the bowl to soak up the liquid, if it doesn’t work, no harm done and I’ll know that the liquid isn’t viable.

But wow – this is what happened to a small orangey silk scarf –

Indigo overdye - small scarlet silk scarf

Was plain orange/scarlet now beautiful mottled orange/green/yellow.

There might not have been much indigo left in the dregs, but the result really is something.

Now I’m off to try it again. 🙂

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  1. Sue Morrison

    Looks great, Sue! I’m looking forward to the workshop!

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