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Happy new year – and summer sale

Happy new year to everyone – may 2016 be a good year for you ¬†ūüôā

The holidays are just about over and it is back to work again. 
I am having a fabric sale for the month of January –
Open daily Tuesdays to Fridays 10am to 4pm
30% – 50% off all fabrics – prices starting at $10/m.
to make way for lots of new fabrics due end of January.
Books, rulers, kits, threads, and haberdashery are also discounted.
Bundles of hand-dyes, bags of off-cuts.
Special prices for end-of-rolls.
Hand-dyed silk, wool, and cotton scarves are included in sale.
Flowerpot Quilts, 3947 Channel Highway, Flowerpot.
Ph 04 38  674  900.
contact email :- sue  @  quilts to dye for dot com.



Markets and Dyeing to Felt

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote here. I’ve been home from my travels for some weeks I know, but I have been busy, first getting results of our quilt exhibition (which was the weekend we returned home) on to the Tasmanian Quilting Guild’s website, and other committee things for the guild as well. I will be putting up on a separate page some of my 2000 photos I took while in Europe, and including quilts from the festival in Ireland, soon.

Markets are happening every couple of weeks for me again, even though it is still winter they are popping up everywhere. I have been to Kingston Beach Handmade Market twice, back to Snug market (which was not good at all for me), and of course to the Tas Quilting Guild’s Friendship Day in Launceston, which is always a wonderful day for everyone there – members, friends, and traders alike.

Fabrics, threads & books at Friendship Day

Fabrics, threads & books at Friendship Day

KBHM market table

KBHM market table

Selection of scarves at Kingston Beach market

Selection of scarves at Kingston Beach market

All these markets have meant getting back to work quickly as stock in some areas is dwindling.¬† My¬†dyed and¬†felted cotton journals (which sell for $18.50)¬†have all gone and only a couple of small ones (selling at $15.00) are left. Here are a couple of pieces of cotton felt.¬† The one with squares was indigo dyed a long time ago, and as the dye didn’t take very well to the dry cotton, I overdyed it with colour and it looks so good now. The cotton felt just soaks up the procion dyes so easily, whereas the indigo … well, I’m not sure …

Dyed cotton felt

Dyed cotton felt

Over-dyed cotton felt

Over-dyed cotton felt

The Guild’s challenge for 2013 is “Birds”, and I have painted some fabric which looks like feathers.¬† I took some to the Friendship Day last Saturday¬† as a sample, and before I could make the announcement that I had the fabric, it all sold except one piece – so when the sun comes out again, I’ll be painting some more feathers.

Feather fabric before ironing

Feather fabric before ironing

Feather fabrics after ironing

Feather fabrics after ironing

In the meantime, here are a couple of photos from last week.

Snow on Mt Wellington

Snow on Mt Wellington

Spectacular sunrise over the Channel

Spectacular sunrise over the Channel

I made a cake for my youngest daughter’s birthday last week, and put 21 or 22¬†raspberries around the top – (I couldn’t count¬†to 40 could I?)¬† Absolutely no calories worth speaking about, and it was demolished in seconds !¬† ūüôā

Jen's birthday cake

Jen’s birthday cake

Keep smiling

New page – Flowerpot Quilts

I have just now posted a new page here labelled Flowerpot Quilts.  It is a quick look at everything in my shop as of today.

My Flowerpot Quilts advertising sign

Next thing is to get my website professionally upgraded, and it’s happening.

Sunrise and the Channel Art Trail

Yesterday morning this is what we could see while having breakfast at 7.15am

and then again¬†10 minutes later –

and it all went downhill from there.  The wind and rain that followed blew off most of the blossoms on the pink camellia, but the golden leucadendron (spelling ?) is still looking good.

and the red-flowering agave / aloe (?) will look brilliant in a few more days.

The biennial Channel Art Trail will be happening in a couple of weeks –

and I am among the 15 studios to be open for the 3 days.

Marcato Designs (my daughter Jennifer with her jewellery and mixed media) and the Circle of 4 Art Quilters (a display of small quilts) will be sharing my studio space, as well as having my fabric shop open to the public for the first time in its new home.  I will have a wide selection of silk scarves, journal covers, small quilts, hand-dyed fabrics and other bits and pieces on display and for sale.

So if you’re in the south of Tasmania on 24-26 August, come on down the Channel and visit some of the exhibitions and studios – especially my studio ūüôā ūüôā

Winter and studio makeover

First frost of the winter on Wednesday morning, and the temperature has hardly hit double figures all this week and looks like being the same for the next week as well

First frost of winter 2012

and the lovely pink camellia bravely beginning to bloom

During the week I have been¬†getting my fabric shop ready to open for business.¬† It is in a corner of my large studio,¬†the corner which has the best light ūüôā .¬† It’s part of a major re-arrangement of the studio, in preparation for the Channel Art Trail scheduled for the last weekend of August, Friday 24 to Sunday 26.¬† The plan is to create “rooms” to separate the various activities and displays, making good use of the¬†cupboards removed from the kitchen recently.

I have put two of the cupboards side by side, and given them a single new bench top, looks a whole lot better joined together, and added a couple of cheap bookcases (pink) on top, very effective, (which happens to match the colour of the radio/CD player).  The hole where the dishwasher was will eventually house a trolley with basket shelves.

Haberdashery from Clover & Birch, templates & kits from Victorian Textiles, dress & bag patterns from You Sew Girl (Nicole Mallelieu) & bag accessories, rulers and cutters, quilt patterns from Leesa Chandler, quilting books and more ….¬† Everything a quilter needs (I hope)

Bolts of batting, backings and other fabrics in the corner

Boxes of fat quarters and cut lengths of fabrics

Fabrics are still in their boxes, which, with lids off, can be spread over the (large) table top.  Under the black plastic is my glass display cabinet which will have my silk scarves and other creations eventually.

The opposite corner will use another two bench cupboards, together with the long red covered bench already there, for the actual dyeing area.  The painting and stamping table will stay in the middle.  That will leave room by one of the doors for the table of books and fabrics for sale.

There will be two other special areas Рa display of small quilts by the Circle of 4 art quilt group, and another space for my daughter Jen of Marcato Designs to display her jewellery creations.

The remaining space that weekend will be used for displaying my quilts, scarves and other textile creations.

My website disappeared a couple of days ago Рhopefully I can get it back up again soon.