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News from Flowerpot

It’s been a while since I last wrote here, and a lot has happened.

In a  nutshell – annus horribilis I think it could be called.

Mid January I had a fall, so easily done, and broke both ankles in three places.  Three months off my feet, no walking, no driving, no sewing. Then learning to walk again after the second lot of surgery.

It’s been hard going but I am getting there.  Crutches gone, one walking stick in the car as my security prop when walking on uneven ground.  The surgeon said it would take 12 months to fully recover, and with the help of much physio-therapy I am determined to make it by Christmas.  🙂

They say retail therapy is good for the soul, well my therapy is doing this in reverse.  The Tasmanian Quilting Guild is having their major quilt exhibition Island Quilts as part of the Tasmanian Quilt Expo 16-18 September in Hobart.  I will be there as Flowerpot Quilts selling lots of fabrics, kits, books, patterns, threads etc.

Tas Quilt Expo Poster a3

More later.  Keep smiling 🙂


The move in to the new studio begins …

I had intended to make this part of my studio update post, but that turned into such a lengthy novel, I decided to post separately.

Tuesday was our regular meeting day for one of the quilting groups I belong to, and as it was the unveiling of this year’s challenge quilts, my studio walls made a great display space.

Here are a couple of photos of the action – typical of when quilters get together – lots of chatting, oohing and aahhing over the quilts on the walls.

Channel Quilters challenge unveiled

Channel Quilters challenge unveiled

Channel Quilters

The little room at the far end of the main studio, directly below the large triangle window, originally meant to be for storage of all things textile, I have decided is a good place to set up the fabric shop and my market supplies.

Not much happening in there yet,

Fabric corner of shopbut in a week or so I will have all the boxes unpacked and displayed on the tables around the four walls.

I have closed the shop until the New Year, so I can get everything sorted before the Christmas holidays, re-opening the second week of January 2015.

I plan to have a relaxing corner at one end, with my bookcases, sofa and easy chairs.  This will easily convert to a guest room for visitors coming to stay, and the first guests will be our eldest daughter and her family, who live overseas, home for Christmas. 🙂

New studio – in for the weekend and out again on Monday

The Channel Art Trail with it’s exhibitions and open studios happened over this last weekend.  Although my studio is still in a state of “not quite finished”, the builders were very good and vacated for a couple of days so that we could set up our displays.  The weather had been pretty awful in the days leading up, and there was mud everywhere, as is commonly the case on building sites.

To enable access to the front door, as the deck has not been built on yet, a temporary catwalk was constructed from old pallets and sheets of flooring, with a door mat either end, it worked very well.  The photos can tell you the story.

Pondering the next step

Pondering the next step

Add a few more pallets and another plank

Add a few more pallets and another plank

A little later and nearly to hard ground

A little later and nearly to hard ground

And on Saturday the sun came out 🙂

Early morning outside after the clean up

Early morning outside after the clean up

Meanwhile inside a lot had been happening.  First the ‘soft’ design wall had to be constructed – a layer of cotton quilt batting glued directly to the styrene wall, and several lengths of heavy curtain lining called bumf (spelling?) which is like a very fine woven but thick flannelette fabric sewn together and stretched down the length of the wall, 7.5m down one wall and 3m on the shorter wall.  We tested the strength with a heavy bed quilt pinned with only 3 pins in the top – wonderful, even without the pins it stuck to the wall! Then we covered it over with black plastic so that no plaster or paint would splash on to it.

Here’s some more pictures.

Styrene wall ready for covering

Styrene wall ready for covering

First layer is cotton quilt batting

First layer is cotton quilt batting


Multi-skilled builder handy with the iron

Multi-skilled builder handy with the iron

Ready for the top layer of bumf

Ready for the top layer of bumf (or bumph ?)

Top layer before final stretching and stapling

Top layer before final stretching and stapling

And we only used 2 cans of glue

And we only used 2 cans of glue

Test strength with heavy quilt - only needed 3 pins at the top

Test strength with heavy quilt – only needed 3 pins at the top

Design wall covered with plastic for the plasterers

Design wall covered with plastic for the plasterers

Cleaning plaster scraps from floor

Cleaning plaster scraps from floor

Happy to watch this paint dry

Happy to watch this paint dry

Looks so lovely and clean

Looks so lovely and clean

A large empty space full of potential ready and waiting –

First load of boxes arrive

First load of boxes arrive

This is outside

This is outside

One end for Jen

And inside – one end for Jen

And the other end for me

And the other end for me

Plenty of room for displays

Plenty of room for displays

More of Jen's work

More of my work

Demonstration tables

Demonstration tables

Entrance catwalk

Entrance catwalk

Directional bunting

Directional bunting

The view outdoors

The view outdoors


Some of my collections

Some of my collections of quirky teapots and old irons – tiny ones are for lace

And lastly, what it looked like after the removalists arrived – we had to empty the space for the builders to come back at 7am on Monday to get on with the plastering

Removalists moved in

Removalists moved in

Next morning the plasterers were back at it

Next morning the plasterers were back at it

Thank you for reading this far, it has been a very long post, there was a lot I wanted to tell you about.

Keep smiling 🙂


Best of Show and the Craft Fair

It is a whole week since the Craft Fair and Quilt Show in Hobart, and I have come down to ground level once more after having the honour of having my art quilt judged first in the Art-Professional category and then Best of Show in the Tas Quilting Guild’s Island Quilts quilt show in Hobart.  For my regular readers, you may remember I wrote about it last year when I was creating it, and when it appeared as my centrepiece at the Deloraine Craft Fair

Heavens Above

Heavens Above – Fireworks series #2

My prize was a Bernina 750QE –

Bernina 750QE

Bernina 750QE

It’s bigger than my old Bernina 1230, which I have used for more than 25 years. The sewing table just isn’t big enough now, (it was a school desk in a former life)  – I think that’s a good enough reason to have something larger and specially built in the new studio don’t you?

As a first timer at the Craft Fair with my shop, I think I did quite well, and might seriously think about it again next year

Flowerpot Quilts at the Craft Fair, Hobart

Flowerpot Quilts at the Craft Fair, Hobart

Till next time, keep warm 🙂



Kingston Beach Handmade Market and sun painting art cloth

Deloraine craft fair is over for another year.  It was very successful for me, talked myself hoarse, saw lots of old friends and met new ones, and sold heaps.

No time to slack off when I got home, it was back to the dyeing studio, to replace the scarves I had sold.

Sunday I was off to the new Kingston Beach Handmade Market at Kingston Beach, the beachside suburb of Hobart.  It was the first day of what looks like being a very good market to be held monthly on the second Sunday.  All stallholders have to apply, and are accepted for their individuality and there’s no duplicating of stalls, giving a greater variety for the visitors.  I’m in again for the next market on 9 December, should be good as it’s Christmas shopping time.

This was my stall, just inside the front door of the hall, my back to the wall so I could display my ladies to advantage.

Flowerpot Quilts at Kingston Beach Handmade Market 11 Nov 2012

There was live entertainment on the stage during the day, this is a choir whose wonderful voices could be heard over the crowds in the hall, and caused much chattering to be a lot quieter.

This photo was taken early in the day before the crowds filled up.

Today being nice and sunny, it was time to do some sun-dyeing.  I have a project on the go that requires some sepia coloured fabric similar to what I used i n my Flowerpot Quilt a couple of months ago.  Using some Dy na flow Ecru and Ochre with an odd drop or two of black I managed to produce these pieces.

The first one got rumpled when the wind flipped it before it was properly dry – a definite diagonal change in colour.

Sun painted 1

Then the next ones, better colour coverage.  The freckles are little bumps in the gravel road surface, and add texture which will do for my purpose perfectly.

sun painted 2

sun painted 3

I’ll have more for you in a couple of weeks when there is something to show.  I’ll keep you in suspense a little longer.

Till next time keep on smiling 🙂

Setting up at Deloraine Craft Fair

After a very wet start to the day, and rain all the way to Deloraine, 4 hours drive, the sun came out late in the day, hopefully a good omen for tomorrow.

Usually I stop in Campbell Town for a quick lunch when travelling north, but we decided to stop in Ross instead – able to park in front of the little cafe, instead of walking a distance in the rain at Campbell Town.  To cut a long story short, we sat in the car for lunch in front of the Scotch Thistle Inn, which had this magnificent specimen of wisteria, trained to look like a tree –

Wisteria tree in front of the Scotch Thistle Inn at Ross

By the time we reached Deloraine, the rain had eased and the sun came out.  Three hours later and my stall is all set up and waiting for the first visitors early tomorrow morning.  This is what you see when you walk in the door to the pavilion –

This is what greets you as you step in the door to the pavilion

I have a large strip light above, and the sun streams in through the clear roof, nice and bright.  This is the view back to the other end of my space –

Looking the other way

Not a good photograph, the camera didn’t like all the bright light, and my little spotlight looks like a torch in the night.

My ladies are now dressed in co-ordinating colours and outfits

You can actually see the tree in the quilt, the light is just right

My Fireworks and Tall Timbers quilts.  The tree is very hard to see in many situations, because of the organza overlay which reflects back any bright light, but here it is just right.

This lovely piece of art cloth will be draped along the front of the table tomorrow.

Piece of art cloth about 1m square

Hoping to see some of you over the weekend, keep smiling.  🙂

Photo shoot of scarves

Preparations are hotting up for the Deloraine craft fair next weekend.

Tuesday saw daughter Jen and I in a photographers studio (aka the shed).

photo shoot

I have 2 coathanger manequins (? spelling).  While Jen was taking photos of one model, I was getting the next one ready.  We made a good team and over 500 photos later, we had 140 out of 180 scarves recorded.

Here are a few of them.

purple scarf with discharged design in blue

tartan weave cotton scarf

large square silk devore shawl

natural dyed crepe de chine scarf

silk jersey cowl scarf

You can read more about the day here on Jen’s blog .

Meanwhile the postie has been very efficient this week, parcels not expected until tomorrow arrived yesterday!

Ta da! my new business cards and brochures, along with swing tags for the scarves and fabrics.

Sue Domeney / Flowerpot Quilts stationery

I’ll be spending the weekend attaching price tags to the scarves.  The printer messed up the reverse of the swing tag – it was meant to be printed vertically so I could punch a hole centre top, both sections were turned around to make it horizontal – only place for a hole is in the care instructions !!  😦  not happy, but I’ll make it work .

Next job will be finishing the photo shoot this afternoon.  Tomorrow’s job will be getting photos printed, then checking the box of covered diaries and journals.  Sunday is Snug Market, and I need to allow that full day away.

Till next time …   🙂  🙂

Flowerpot Quilts – open for business

New page – Flowerpot Quilts

I have just now posted a new page here labelled Flowerpot Quilts.  It is a quick look at everything in my shop as of today.

My Flowerpot Quilts advertising sign

Next thing is to get my website professionally upgraded, and it’s happening.

Art Trail photos

We had a wonderful weekend, the weather was kind as regards the rain, some but not too bad, and the sun was out most of the time.I can’t say definitely, but we probably had over 150 visitors, only about half of them wrote in the visitors’ book – some very nice comments too.

Here’s a few photos to tell the story.

Part of Flowerpot Quilts’ studio space

Visitors to Marcato studio space

The first display of small art quilts by the Circle of 4 Art Quilters, arranged by each challenge theme –

Circle of 4 display of small art quilts

Challenge #1 – Looking out the window

Challenge #2 – Portrait inspired by Picasso

Challenge #3 – Black Magic

Challenge #4 – Winter

Challenge #5 – free choice theme, but on canvas

Over the course of the weekend, I demonstrated dyeing silk scarves using Procion and Landscape dyes, and wool scarves using Landscape dyes. Here are some of the results.  Left to right – 2 Landscape wool scarves (bloodwood purple and galah pink), 4 Landscape silk scarves (marine blue, marine blue & apollo bay blue, bloodwood scrunched, galah pink), and 3 Procion Mx silk scarves (same Red MXG on all, with varying amounts of Aubergine poured over the red – I love the one on the right).

Results of scarf dyeing demonstrations

Second picture is of the same red and aubergine on a silk jersey cowl scarf.

Silk jersey cowl scarf

And this is what the studio looks like now, all packed up and put away.  The sheet-covered tables are the shop displays.

An empty studio

An empty and tidy studio space just waiting for me to start work and make it messy again.

As of today, my shop Flowerpot Quilts, is open 3 days a week, Tues-Thurs, 10am to 4pm.  If you’re driving past and see the orange flags flying, come in and say hello.

I have also worked out a new class list for the summer, 2nd Saturday each month from September to April. I’ll have the details up soon.