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News from Flowerpot

It’s been a while since I last wrote here, and a lot has happened.

In a  nutshell – annus horribilis I think it could be called.

Mid January I had a fall, so easily done, and broke both ankles in three places.  Three months off my feet, no walking, no driving, no sewing. Then learning to walk again after the second lot of surgery.

It’s been hard going but I am getting there.  Crutches gone, one walking stick in the car as my security prop when walking on uneven ground.  The surgeon said it would take 12 months to fully recover, and with the help of much physio-therapy I am determined to make it by Christmas.  🙂

They say retail therapy is good for the soul, well my therapy is doing this in reverse.  The Tasmanian Quilting Guild is having their major quilt exhibition Island Quilts as part of the Tasmanian Quilt Expo 16-18 September in Hobart.  I will be there as Flowerpot Quilts selling lots of fabrics, kits, books, patterns, threads etc.

Tas Quilt Expo Poster a3

More later.  Keep smiling 🙂

Deloraine Craft Fair and Tasmanian Art Quilt Prize

Only eight more sleeps before I head off to Deloraine for the Tasmanian Craft Fair, four days for the visiting public to see hundreds of wonderful talented artisans and craftspeople who are there showing off their art.

The countdown has started.  All my scarves have been washed and ironed and are hanging on clothes airers until it is time to pack them in boxes early next week. Later I leave them, the less fold marks will show when they are hanging.

scarves all pressed and ready

scarves all pressed and ready

The box of journals and small handbags are packed, hand-dyed fat quarters are colour co-ordinated in their baskets.

Usually there are hessian walls separating the stalls, but this year the powers that be decided to do away with the hessian and let us make our own walls!  Yes, I have mine all made, with a little bit of help from DD who sat on the other side of the table to hold the fabric as it went through the sewing machine, all 6 metres of it in length, by 2metres in height, and that’s just the back wall, the side walls are each 2.5metres long.

That just leaves the quilt to finish …. I started it on Monday with a bit of painting, bright splashes on a black cotton sateen background (it has a lovely sheen to it) –

and today got to work on the sewing machine –

That’s just a taster, you’ll have to wait until I have it finished before anymore photos to show.

Meanwhile, last Thursday evening, the winners of the Tasmanian Art Quilt Prize 2013  ‘What a Site’, were announced – Winner is Sandra Champion of Hobart with her quilt ‘From the Cove’, and Kath Wilkinson of NSW with her quilt ‘Traces‘.  The exhibition of the quilts is in the Bond Store Basement Gallery of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart, and is open daily until Sunday 3 November.

Sandra Champion's 'From the Cove'

Sandra Champion’s ‘From the Cove’

Kath Wilkinson's 'Traces'

Kath Wilkinson’s ‘Traces’

I hope some of my readers are able to visit the gallery to see these wonderful art quilts.

Tasmanian Art Quilt Prize 2013

It’s now official – the Art Quilt Prize for 2013 was launched today at the Narryna Museum in Battery Point, Hobart.  You can read about it on the Tas Quilting Guild’s website.  The theme for the competition is “What a Site!” , celebrating the 150 years that the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) has been on the one site, expanding from one initial building to now cover the whole city block.  As I’m on the committee, I can’t be in the competition, but for the launch, the guild’s President, Barbara M. and I each made a quilt to hang at the venue.

This is Barbara’s quilt –

Barbara’s quilt

And mine –

and a close up

Both of us chose timelines, Barbara’s pictorial and mine architectural, neither seeing the other’s quilt until they were to be hung.

Information and more details about the competition (open to textile artists and art quilters in Australia) can be found on the guild’s website.

That was written 2 nights ago, and already there has been quite a bit of interest shown from other parts of Australia.

Sunrise and the Channel Art Trail

Yesterday morning this is what we could see while having breakfast at 7.15am

and then again 10 minutes later –

and it all went downhill from there.  The wind and rain that followed blew off most of the blossoms on the pink camellia, but the golden leucadendron (spelling ?) is still looking good.

and the red-flowering agave / aloe (?) will look brilliant in a few more days.

The biennial Channel Art Trail will be happening in a couple of weeks –

and I am among the 15 studios to be open for the 3 days.

Marcato Designs (my daughter Jennifer with her jewellery and mixed media) and the Circle of 4 Art Quilters (a display of small quilts) will be sharing my studio space, as well as having my fabric shop open to the public for the first time in its new home.  I will have a wide selection of silk scarves, journal covers, small quilts, hand-dyed fabrics and other bits and pieces on display and for sale.

So if you’re in the south of Tasmania on 24-26 August, come on down the Channel and visit some of the exhibitions and studios – especially my studio 🙂 🙂

Deloraine Craft Fair, Hoffman Challenge and gardening

Deloraine Craft Fair was on again this weekend just gone.  Daughter Jenny had never been to the fair, so we decided we would go together.  We packed up quickly  after Woodbridge Market on Sunday afternoon and headed to Launceston, a 3 hour drive, to stay the night, and be able to arrive at Deloraine, another 45 minutes away, bright and early Monday morning.

This is taken on the Mud Walls Road on the way to Launceston.  I think the dam wall has been raised, as these willows always used to be on the bank of the creek leading into the dam, but now are well and truly marooned.  I wonder how long they will survive like that living in the water.

Willows in dam seen from Mud Walls Road

One of the special exhibits at the Craft Fair was the unveiling of the Hoffman Challenge for 2011.  Click also for the 2012 challenge.

First prize - Diana Eaton

Cindy Watkins' quilt

Kate Berry's "Pineapple"

Stephanie Newman's quilt

Just 4 of the entries to be seen there.  It was quite a small exhibit, as not many entries were received.

Also on show were some of the entries from the 2010 Hoffman Challenge (New Zealand) which were chosen for the travelling exhibition.  Here are photos of 2 of those quilts, this one is by Cindy Watkins of Tasmania- her style is becoming recognisable –

Cindy Watkins' quilt

and this one is by a New Zealand quilter.  It is a side view of a lady at the races.

a lady at the races

There is always a garden plant section at the fair, and I did my homework before going and picked the stalls which had the plants I wanted for my garden, and came home with a couple of large orange and red poppies, a tree peony and a herbacious peony, several lisianthus, some named iris, and a leafy plant which has a name I can’t pronounce (or remember just now) but has red ball-like flowers which hang down under these great leaves, a flowering habit a bit like solomons seal.

And a bit of gardening this afternoon uncovered a couple of gems – these tiny fungi in amongst the old mulch, the caps are about 1 cm (or half an inch) in size

Fungi in garden mulch

and in the watering tubes in one of the large pots I found this weed growing up and out into the water bottle in the top of the tube

desperate weed

the picture says it all I think.

One lovely bright spot, or will be in a week’s time is the first rose to bloom this summer.

Red roses in bud

Berlin Textle Art

Textile Art Berlin on Saturday was certainly worth going to see.  The exhibition had taken over a wehole secondary school.  Hallways held mini displays of quilts and wallhangings or installation type art, while the classrooms had 3 or 4 artists displaying some of their work and offering lots for sale.  Marvellous eye candy. Photos not allowed, but a CD of all the actual items just on display , 204 in all, was available – now to find the time and sit down and look at them all again.

Looking back today, it was like one great big Atasda exhibition, every conceivable creative art with textiles and fibre, including wire and paper. I´m so glad I went, it was so inspirational, and I made a few contacts with like minded artists.  And I was very restrained with my shopping, lots I would have loved to buy, but being practical, carrying and posting would both have posed a problem, but I have a few small things to show when I get home.

Today off to Frankfurt, fly to Helsinki tomorrow to see the family.

Holland and onwards

It was a long weekend in Holland, and everything shut down at lunch time on Saturday until today Tuesday. 

Ted had a wonderful time at the machinery rally on all 3 days, and met lots of people and made lots of contacts, and of course he did some shopping for spare parts for his engine collection.  Wide eyes from the taxi driver when he left us at the post office to post the shopping bags that clunked heavily – he wasn’t at all sure it would work.  But now they’re all in a big box and on the way home already.

This afternoon we take the train to Koln (Cologne) in Germany for a couple of days, before heading for Berlin.  I believe there is a quilt exhibition there on the weekend, not sure of the details yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Europe travel

This time tomorrow evening, we will be on our way to Melbourne, then Kuala Lumpur in the early hours of Thursday morning.  Packing will start tomorrow, after all the last minute jobs have been taken care of.  We are lucky that our daughter and her family will be living in the house while we are away, a bit warmer than the caravan and shed they are in at the moment.

I love looking at clouds especially odd shaped ones.  This one appealed to me, sunset on Sunday evening, is it a rose or a space ship?

And then tonight this is the full moon rising in the south east.

I am getting very excited about our trip now. Except for Finland and the airport at Frankfurt, all our destinations will be new places.  We have travelled through France, Netherlands and Germany a few times, but not visited the particular places we are planning on going  to.

There is a quilt show on in Berlin on the third weekend in June, so that will be worth going to if we can get there in time.

Quilt Show

This was Thursday morning sunrise, before the river fog got too thick, a good start to the day.  By the time I left for Launceston later in the morning, of course the fog had completely disappeared and it was a brilliant sunny day, just right for a 3 hour drive up the Midlands Highway.

Launceston is where the Tasmanian Craft and Quilt Fair is being held this weekend.  Lots of very lovely quilts to see.  The Best of Show for 2011 can be seen here.  The quilt is more yellow cream than the photo shows though.  It is a really lovely quilt.

I entered my Landfall 3 in the Pictorial section, and I’m thrilled to have won a Third Prize with it.

Landfall 3

It is quite a small quilt, about A2 size.  This pic was taken before I added the sailing ships on the horizon, black pen drawings.

Of course the Craft Fair was great for shopping with those businesses we don’t have in Tassie, that we usually have to use mail order for our supplies.  It is always a pleasure to meet face to face with the voices on the other end of the phone. 

I managed to do one workshop in the afternoon, making a journal cover using table napkins.  Very attractive when finished and dried.  I’ll show you later what I did, when I can get a photo of it.

Did you watch the wedding last night, wasn’t Kate a lovely bride, and don’t they make a very handsome couple.  Those little bridesmaids and page boys were so delightful and very well behaved, I’m sure it was the solemnity of the occasion.


Day 3 art trail

More rain and wind didn’t deter lots of people from doing the trail again today.  Met lots of interested visitors, talked ourselves hoarse, and the time flew by. 

This morning I grabbed half an hour to dash up to Woodbridge for a look at Channel Quilters’ quilt exhibition in the Woodbridge Hall.  Lots of beautiful quilts there, some I had seen before (I’m a member of C Q ) including a small one of my own 🙂


CQ exhibition

This week I’ll get back to working on my own website as well as catching up with new pages on the Tasmanian Quilting Guild’s website (I’m their web manager).  So come back later in the week and I’ll have something to show you.