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The move in to the new studio begins …

I had intended to make this part of my studio update post, but that turned into such a lengthy novel, I decided to post separately.

Tuesday was our regular meeting day for one of the quilting groups I belong to, and as it was the unveiling of this year’s challenge quilts, my studio walls made a great display space.

Here are a couple of photos of the action – typical of when quilters get together – lots of chatting, oohing and aahhing over the quilts on the walls.

Channel Quilters challenge unveiled

Channel Quilters challenge unveiled

Channel Quilters

The little room at the far end of the main studio, directly below the large triangle window, originally meant to be for storage of all things textile, I have decided is a good place to set up the fabric shop and my market supplies.

Not much happening in there yet,

Fabric corner of shopbut in a week or so I will have all the boxes unpacked and displayed on the tables around the four walls.

I have closed the shop until the New Year, so I can get everything sorted before the Christmas holidays, re-opening the second week of January 2015.

I plan to have a relaxing corner at one end, with my bookcases, sofa and easy chairs.  This will easily convert to a guest room for visitors coming to stay, and the first guests will be our eldest daughter and her family, who live overseas, home for Christmas. 🙂


Flowerpot Quilts studio open times

My studio will be closed

tomorrow  Wednesday 21 November


next  Tuesday 27 November.

DH is having cataract surgery on those days and I’ll be doing the chauffering for a couple of days after each operation.

I’ll be open again next week.

🙂   🙂