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News from Flowerpot

It’s been a while since I last wrote here, and a lot has happened.

In a  nutshell – annus horribilis I think it could be called.

Mid January I had a fall, so easily done, and broke both ankles in three places.  Three months off my feet, no walking, no driving, no sewing. Then learning to walk again after the second lot of surgery.

It’s been hard going but I am getting there.  Crutches gone, one walking stick in the car as my security prop when walking on uneven ground.  The surgeon said it would take 12 months to fully recover, and with the help of much physio-therapy I am determined to make it by Christmas.  🙂

They say retail therapy is good for the soul, well my therapy is doing this in reverse.  The Tasmanian Quilting Guild is having their major quilt exhibition Island Quilts as part of the Tasmanian Quilt Expo 16-18 September in Hobart.  I will be there as Flowerpot Quilts selling lots of fabrics, kits, books, patterns, threads etc.

Tas Quilt Expo Poster a3

More later.  Keep smiling 🙂


Best of Show and the Craft Fair

It is a whole week since the Craft Fair and Quilt Show in Hobart, and I have come down to ground level once more after having the honour of having my art quilt judged first in the Art-Professional category and then Best of Show in the Tas Quilting Guild’s Island Quilts quilt show in Hobart.  For my regular readers, you may remember I wrote about it last year when I was creating it, and when it appeared as my centrepiece at the Deloraine Craft Fair

Heavens Above

Heavens Above – Fireworks series #2

My prize was a Bernina 750QE –

Bernina 750QE

Bernina 750QE

It’s bigger than my old Bernina 1230, which I have used for more than 25 years. The sewing table just isn’t big enough now, (it was a school desk in a former life)  – I think that’s a good enough reason to have something larger and specially built in the new studio don’t you?

As a first timer at the Craft Fair with my shop, I think I did quite well, and might seriously think about it again next year

Flowerpot Quilts at the Craft Fair, Hobart

Flowerpot Quilts at the Craft Fair, Hobart

Till next time, keep warm 🙂



Deloraine Craft Fair and Tasmanian Art Quilt Prize

Only eight more sleeps before I head off to Deloraine for the Tasmanian Craft Fair, four days for the visiting public to see hundreds of wonderful talented artisans and craftspeople who are there showing off their art.

The countdown has started.  All my scarves have been washed and ironed and are hanging on clothes airers until it is time to pack them in boxes early next week. Later I leave them, the less fold marks will show when they are hanging.

scarves all pressed and ready

scarves all pressed and ready

The box of journals and small handbags are packed, hand-dyed fat quarters are colour co-ordinated in their baskets.

Usually there are hessian walls separating the stalls, but this year the powers that be decided to do away with the hessian and let us make our own walls!  Yes, I have mine all made, with a little bit of help from DD who sat on the other side of the table to hold the fabric as it went through the sewing machine, all 6 metres of it in length, by 2metres in height, and that’s just the back wall, the side walls are each 2.5metres long.

That just leaves the quilt to finish …. I started it on Monday with a bit of painting, bright splashes on a black cotton sateen background (it has a lovely sheen to it) –

and today got to work on the sewing machine –

That’s just a taster, you’ll have to wait until I have it finished before anymore photos to show.

Meanwhile, last Thursday evening, the winners of the Tasmanian Art Quilt Prize 2013  ‘What a Site’, were announced – Winner is Sandra Champion of Hobart with her quilt ‘From the Cove’, and Kath Wilkinson of NSW with her quilt ‘Traces‘.  The exhibition of the quilts is in the Bond Store Basement Gallery of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart, and is open daily until Sunday 3 November.

Sandra Champion's 'From the Cove'

Sandra Champion’s ‘From the Cove’

Kath Wilkinson's 'Traces'

Kath Wilkinson’s ‘Traces’

I hope some of my readers are able to visit the gallery to see these wonderful art quilts.

Markets and Dyeing to Felt

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote here. I’ve been home from my travels for some weeks I know, but I have been busy, first getting results of our quilt exhibition (which was the weekend we returned home) on to the Tasmanian Quilting Guild’s website, and other committee things for the guild as well. I will be putting up on a separate page some of my 2000 photos I took while in Europe, and including quilts from the festival in Ireland, soon.

Markets are happening every couple of weeks for me again, even though it is still winter they are popping up everywhere. I have been to Kingston Beach Handmade Market twice, back to Snug market (which was not good at all for me), and of course to the Tas Quilting Guild’s Friendship Day in Launceston, which is always a wonderful day for everyone there – members, friends, and traders alike.

Fabrics, threads & books at Friendship Day

Fabrics, threads & books at Friendship Day

KBHM market table

KBHM market table

Selection of scarves at Kingston Beach market

Selection of scarves at Kingston Beach market

All these markets have meant getting back to work quickly as stock in some areas is dwindling.  My dyed and felted cotton journals (which sell for $18.50) have all gone and only a couple of small ones (selling at $15.00) are left. Here are a couple of pieces of cotton felt.  The one with squares was indigo dyed a long time ago, and as the dye didn’t take very well to the dry cotton, I overdyed it with colour and it looks so good now. The cotton felt just soaks up the procion dyes so easily, whereas the indigo … well, I’m not sure …

Dyed cotton felt

Dyed cotton felt

Over-dyed cotton felt

Over-dyed cotton felt

The Guild’s challenge for 2013 is “Birds”, and I have painted some fabric which looks like feathers.  I took some to the Friendship Day last Saturday  as a sample, and before I could make the announcement that I had the fabric, it all sold except one piece – so when the sun comes out again, I’ll be painting some more feathers.

Feather fabric before ironing

Feather fabric before ironing

Feather fabrics after ironing

Feather fabrics after ironing

In the meantime, here are a couple of photos from last week.

Snow on Mt Wellington

Snow on Mt Wellington

Spectacular sunrise over the Channel

Spectacular sunrise over the Channel

I made a cake for my youngest daughter’s birthday last week, and put 21 or 22 raspberries around the top – (I couldn’t count to 40 could I?)  Absolutely no calories worth speaking about, and it was demolished in seconds !  🙂

Jen's birthday cake

Jen’s birthday cake

Keep smiling

Tasmanian Art Quilt Prize 2013

It’s now official – the Art Quilt Prize for 2013 was launched today at the Narryna Museum in Battery Point, Hobart.  You can read about it on the Tas Quilting Guild’s website.  The theme for the competition is “What a Site!” , celebrating the 150 years that the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) has been on the one site, expanding from one initial building to now cover the whole city block.  As I’m on the committee, I can’t be in the competition, but for the launch, the guild’s President, Barbara M. and I each made a quilt to hang at the venue.

This is Barbara’s quilt –

Barbara’s quilt

And mine –

and a close up

Both of us chose timelines, Barbara’s pictorial and mine architectural, neither seeing the other’s quilt until they were to be hung.

Information and more details about the competition (open to textile artists and art quilters in Australia) can be found on the guild’s website.

That was written 2 nights ago, and already there has been quite a bit of interest shown from other parts of Australia.

Drunkards Path quilt

I have in my shop a number of Drunkards Path kits

Drunkards Path kit – black & white fabrics

which includes cut pieces for 24 x 12″ blocks, 24 x 3″ blocks, and the templates for the 3″ blocks.

The Show and Tell theme for the Tasmanian Quilting Guild (TQG) September meeting is drunkards path.  Next weekend is the TQG Friendship Day, and I will have these kits for sale there, as well as various sizes of templates.  A last minute easy option for anyone wanting to make this quilt.

The drunkards path block is one that I have long avoided, thinking, like a lot of others, that it would be difficult to get all those curves smooth.  I have finally bit the bullet and have something to show for it.  And it is NOT DIFFICULT AT ALL if you are careful and try to be accurate.  This is step by step how I did it.

I used the red and green kit, not quite Christmasy colours

Begin by folding the quarter circles in half and finger pressing the top edge

And in half again and finger pressing the top edge

Do the same folding for the outer piece of the block, in half and quarters and finger pressing

Then make tiny snips into the edge of this piece, only one eighth of an inch deep, once or twice in each quarter

Lay pieces right sides together, matching up folds starting at centre

Pin at the folds

Ease (stretch) the edge as you pin the curve, pin as much as you feel you need.

Ready to sew – always sew  with the quarter circle on top, and you can pull/ease the other piece as you sew.

All blocks pinned ready for stitching

I forgot to take photos of the sewing and pressing.  Sew with the quarter circle on top, easing the cut edge (underneath) with your fingers as you sew.  Press the seam to the outer corner and it will always lay flat.

Now it’s time to lay out the blocks to create your quilt

Layout number 1, a very traditional layout, but not right for these fabrics

Layout number 3, the pale pieces don’t seem to fit anywhere

Final version, very different layout

All sewn up and waiting for the borders. The very pale pieces (top left) I think will get a splash of paint to balance with the lighter pieces in bottom right corner

The 3″ blocks were a little fiddly to sew. I think this piece will be one side of a bag

And the lighter 3″ blocks will make a pocket on the other side of the bag

Although it was a kit with already chosen and cut out fabrics – not my normal way of doing things – I am happy with the results of only 3 days’ work to produce a quilt top and matching bag.

Now to dive into my stash to find border and backing fabrics.

AQC, Island Quilts and the Hungry Caterpillar

Easter seems such a long time ago when I posted last.  Here are a few photos to illustrate what I have been doing –

First was my week at the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne, in Kay Haerland’s master class – Creating a Realistic Landscape –

Kay Haerland's Realistic Landscape class, my quilt in top row third from right

My unfinished landscape

When I came home I had to sort out my computer which was “not responding” just about every time I wanted to open a file.  Then it was time to go to Launceston for the Tasmanian Quilting Guild’s exhibition “Island Quilts” in Launceston, (tomorrow is last day if you still want to go), where I was honoured to be one of the two Tasmanian judges with Faye Cunningham from Melbourne as the main judge.  Here is the Best of Show for 2012 –

Best of Show 2012
Black Holes - the Milky Way
by Marlene King

Early in the week I had a chance to visit the grandchildren in Smithton, where Toby finally received his Hungry Caterpillar quilt –

Toby and his caterpillar quilt

Back home and the mild autumn we have been experiencing lately seems to be making way for winter.  I can hear the snow rumbles – sounds just like a thunderstorm without the lightning and rain – and the temperature has dropped.  About time to get out the winter woollies again.