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Week 5 building update

Things moved fast this week, the next layer of concrete was poured Tuesday afternoon, and you can read about it here on Jen’s blog – with several pictures. Easier to do that than do the same on here

(If the link didn’t work for you, try removing   http:/  before the jenbeads in the address)

Once the scaffolding was off, you could get a better idea of what the building was going to look like inside, and how big.

Clean white walls

Clean white walls

Driveway entrance

Driveway entrance

A slight re-calculation on door placement meant cutting out a bit of wall

Oops, doorway moved a bit

Oops, doorway moved a bit

After the lovely sunny afternoon for the concrete, the weather changed and we had several days of mizzle (misty drizzle), not enough to stop work but you could feel the moisture everywhere.
Anyway, by the end of the week everyone was walking a couple of inches higher carrying clay under their boots

The ladder says it all

The ladder says it all

By Friday, the window frames and roof line for the study and storeroom were in place, and some of the flooring had arrived – to left of picture below.

Window framing

Window framing

Floors happen this week I think, which will make it easier to work on scaffolds on a firm flat surface instead of the uneven dirt base at present.

There’s been  no rain over the weekend so far, and we hope it continues that way.  I know everyone wants lots of autumn rains, which would be nice if there was one big umbrella sitting over Flowerpot!

Keep smiling :-):-)





Sunday afternoon at Home Hill Winery

Looking for somewhere nice to go on Sunday afternoon?  A musical afternoon perhaps?  Then head down the Huon Valley to Ranelagh, on the western side of the Huon Highway, look for the signs to get you to Ranelagh.



Enjoy  🙂


Photo of my stall Deloraine


This is what I tried earlier.
There is still tomorrow if you are in the vicinity to come and say hello.


learning about tablets can be a bit of a pill!

Oops playing with my new tablet 🙂

First of April

Yesterday was the first of April, and not being at home to see any children, the day of joke making was completely forgotten.  That is, until emails were checked last night ….

First there was this one from The Quilt Show – such a wonderful invention, why had I not heard of it before this?  Ha! I’d been got.

Then this morning, the monthly news from Dharma Trading arrived … I checked the date before I clicked … no, not got on this one, but I thought it worth sharing.  Unfortunately, I can’t give you a link, but this bit of blurb sets the scene for you doesn’t it?

” We’re moving into and beyond the 21st century with an entirely computerized customer interface, from order taking, to answering your fiber arts questions. No more pesky humans on the phone, just a few beep-boop-beeps and you are on your way. This way there’s never a chance for error in your Dharma experience. All buttons, no humans!  “

And lots more.

But I know you’ll enjoy The Quilt Show anyway.

Out of office notice

Tomorrow Wednesday 6 March, I’ll be out of the studio for most of the day.

You can contact me on my mobile phone.

Setting up at Deloraine Craft Fair

After a very wet start to the day, and rain all the way to Deloraine, 4 hours drive, the sun came out late in the day, hopefully a good omen for tomorrow.

Usually I stop in Campbell Town for a quick lunch when travelling north, but we decided to stop in Ross instead – able to park in front of the little cafe, instead of walking a distance in the rain at Campbell Town.  To cut a long story short, we sat in the car for lunch in front of the Scotch Thistle Inn, which had this magnificent specimen of wisteria, trained to look like a tree –

Wisteria tree in front of the Scotch Thistle Inn at Ross

By the time we reached Deloraine, the rain had eased and the sun came out.  Three hours later and my stall is all set up and waiting for the first visitors early tomorrow morning.  This is what you see when you walk in the door to the pavilion –

This is what greets you as you step in the door to the pavilion

I have a large strip light above, and the sun streams in through the clear roof, nice and bright.  This is the view back to the other end of my space –

Looking the other way

Not a good photograph, the camera didn’t like all the bright light, and my little spotlight looks like a torch in the night.

My ladies are now dressed in co-ordinating colours and outfits

You can actually see the tree in the quilt, the light is just right

My Fireworks and Tall Timbers quilts.  The tree is very hard to see in many situations, because of the organza overlay which reflects back any bright light, but here it is just right.

This lovely piece of art cloth will be draped along the front of the table tomorrow.

Piece of art cloth about 1m square

Hoping to see some of you over the weekend, keep smiling.  🙂

May Day

May Day.

AQC, Island Quilts and the Hungry Caterpillar

AQC, Island Quilts and the Hungry Caterpillar.

Computer glitches

Well, tonight I decided to make a few changes to my blog.  First I changed the heading photo to a black and white picture of a very early morning in Woodbridge looking across to Bruny Island.  So far, so good.  Then to add some more quilts to my Gallery page, and having done so, viewed the result and…..  whoa, where have the captions to the photos already there gone?  Okay, type them in again, and then the new pictures can’t decide where to be on the page.  Tomorrow I’ll come back to it and hopefully find the answer.