Some of my favourite quilts

There's a lot of colour in black and white
Convenor's Award, Tas Quilting Guild Exhibition, Hobart 2004.

Landfall 3 - 3rd Landscape category, Tas Quilting Guild Exhibition, Launceston, 2011

Bargello 1

Tall Timbers, 2008

My Rainbow Serpent, 2010

In a Temple garden
Viewer's Choice #4, Tas QuiltingGuild Exhibition, Hobart 2009.

Fireworks - 1st Art Quilt category & Best Use of Colour,Vic Quilters Guild Exhibition, 2008. 2nd Art Quilt category, Tas Quilting Guild Exhibition , 2008

Turmoil – volcano at night – 2nd Innovative category, TQG Exhibition 1997, Devonport

Square Eyes

Square Eyes - Too much TV; 3rd Innovative, TQG Exhibition 1997, Devonport

Tropical underwater, 2006

Millie & Nan

Millie and her Nan, June 2010

Winter sunrise

Winter sunrise


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  1. She looks so tiny there…


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