Hand-Dyeing Classes

Hand-Dyeing Workshops with Sue Domeney

At Sue’s studio, 3947 Channel Highway, Flowerpot, 7163   Ph:   0438 674 900.

One or two day workshops available for groups of 5-10 people, beginners to advanced.

Usually 6 hours.  $50 per day plus fee for chemicals used.  Half day classes also can be arranged.

1.  Beginners class – 1 day workshop.

We look at the basics of dyeing cloth with Procion MX dyes, using cotton or silk fabric.

Students will begin with primary colours and grading the colour from dark to light.  They will then use this technique with secondary colours on the colour wheel.

Sample primary colours

Graded secondary colours

2.  Stretch your colour palette – 1 day workshop

Create a colour wheel and go one step further – good for beginners and new dyers to understand better about the mixing process. Create some wonderful neutrals, both light and dark in value.

3.  Create a piece of art cloth – 1 or 2 days

Use various techniques including painting, stamping, discharge dyeing, resists and screen printing and de-constructed printing to achieve your one-of-a-kind piece of art cloth.

4.  Haf-to-dye-some-more Class – 1 or 2 days

Day 1 will be a “wet day”.   An extension of basic dyeing technique to create varying colour effects in the texture of the finished piece of fabric.  Techniques will include various resists; scrunch or space dyeing and low water immersion; shibori techniques; and over-dyeing with darker colours or shades.

Day 2 – “dry day”.  Where we explore printing, stamping, painting and discharging colour from the washed and dried fabrics from Day 1, and create an interesting piece of ‘art cloth’ for use in a future project.  There is a selection of stamps, wood blocks and linocuts to use, and students can bring their own if they have something particular they want to use.

 5.  Over-Dyeing, and Sun-painting1 day workshop

Learn how to mix your own dyes; low-water immersion dyeing for textures; and over-dyeing in jars. Sun-dyeing/painting will depend on the weather.

6.  Discharge Dyeing    1 day workshop

Explore the techniques for discharging dyes, by means of bleach or decolourant.  This is best done in the summer months as we often work outside – to avoid inhaling unpleasant and toxic smells.

7.  Indigo Dyeing1 day workshop

Create some wonderful fabrics using shibori and other resists with the indigo dye.

Silk scarf to match a garment

At any of these classes, for an extra $10 a student can dye a silk scarf (provided by Sue) to match a garment.

Contact Sue for more details about these classes, and to make a booking. Email or phone 0438 674 900.


2 responses to “Hand-Dyeing Classes

  1. Hi this is Yuko. I am very interested in your Natural dyeing as on the picture a lady dyed her own cloth at the Work shop. I would like to try to wear my clothes as much as longer I could.Even Good for environment too. I am living in ByronBay NSW.
    Thank you very much.


    • Hi Yuko,
      Thank you for your comment and enquiry. I’m sorry but I don’t do Natural Dyeing – I use synthetic dyes to get the bright colours I like. I tried it in a class some years ago and decided it was not what I wanted to do. Trace Willans who lives in West Australia, does a lot of Natural Dyeing. You can find her if you Google her name – Trace Willans. Good luck with your quest, Sue.


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