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Fun with Indigo

With another Indigo workshop happening this weekend, I made up a new brew, and tested it for colour, and tried out a few what-ifs.

Here are three scarves I chose to overdye, ones which for some reason didn’t quite make the grade for selling at markets.


Indigo overdyeing 2 - clamped and ready to go - L to R pink, orange, dk red

Ready to go – L to R – large pink, large orange/green and fuschia metallic.

And after dyeing –

Indigo overdye 2 - pink, before opening

Unclamped before opening

Indigo overdye 2 - bright pink silk scarf

After rinsing and ironing

Indigo overdye 2 - orange scarf in dye dregs

Orange scarf before opening

Indigo overdye 2 - orange scarf on opening

Opened and resting on gravel

Indigo overdye 2- Large orange silk shawl

Rinsed and ironed

Indigo overdye - Large silk shawl 2

Lovely fan design on end

Indigo overdye 2 - red silk & metal scarf

Fuschia metallic scarf has horizontal stripes


The what-if experiment –

Having carefully removed each bundle from the vat into a large bowl, I had carried them outside to unwrap and hang.  As the bowl had quite an amount of greenish liquid in it, I thought what if I put another bundle in the bowl to soak up the liquid, if it doesn’t work, no harm done and I’ll know that the liquid isn’t viable.

But wow – this is what happened to a small orangey silk scarf –

Indigo overdye - small scarlet silk scarf

Was plain orange/scarlet now beautiful mottled orange/green/yellow.

There might not have been much indigo left in the dregs, but the result really is something.

Now I’m off to try it again. 🙂

Dyeing classes for summer 2015-2016

the grass is riz, the lawn needs mowing, but to the studio is where I’m going! Apologies to whoever wrote the old phrase “Spring is sprung, the grass is riz……”

With longer days and warmer temperatures, I’m spending lots of time in my studio dyeing and painting, and I can’t wait for really warm (hot) weather to start up an indigo vat also.

Dates have been set for my dyeing classes (play days for fabriholics) .  If you are interested in any of them, leave a comment below and I’ll send you the list of requirements.

Dyeing workshops – summer 2015–2016.  Second Saturday each month

October 10 – Dyeing day with Procion MX dyes. Using pure primary colours and not-pure primary colours, we will create some stunning bright and pastel neutral shades. Cotton or silk fabrics only.

November 14 – Painting day. Hoping for a sunny day, we will do some sun dyeing, shibori painting, and sun printing using found objects as a resist. Any fabric except wool will work for this.

December 12 – Dyeing with indigo. Explore this ancient method of changing colours. Try various shibori techniques. Works with any fabrics that are light to medium in colour.

January 9 – Create a piece of fabulous art cloth. Explore various methods of transferring designs on to fabric, using rubber stamps, wood blocks, gelli plates, monoprinting, and removing colour from the fabric with discharge paste and/or bleach products.

February 13 – to be decided.

March 12 – long weekend, we may change the date.

All classes are held here in my studio at Flowerpot, 9.30am to 4pm-ish.