My name is Sue Domeney. I am a textile artist, quilter and dyer and love to share my passion for colour, quilts and dyed fabrics.  My biggest fans are my husband and four children and their families.

I make art quilts for myself, other quilts on commission,  as well as producing hand-dyed or painted silk scarves and mixed-media arty journal covers for sale at local markets.

I love playing with colour and seeing where it takes me – sometimes a new quilt emerges, and other times a new range of brilliant silk scarves will be the result.

You can contact me by email by typing in the following address   –

dombros2 @ bigpond dot com

(written this way to hopefully fool spammers)
(that is dombros and the number two)


12 responses to “About

  1. Your profile picture is beautiful!


  2. Was your name here too? I just re-read the email :S


  3. Thanks Heather, I like the pic too. My so called “public profile” has my name on it and a few lines a bit different but means the same, which I can read, but it doesn’t appear anywhere on the public pages. I want to put it on the right side of the front page, but haven’t worked out how yet.


  4. Congratulations! I enjoyed reading your blog & hope to receive more information on your daily creative doings in future.
    Clever courageous woman!
    You are an inspiration.


    • Thanks Lauree, Not sure how I’ll do it, but I’m going to try to post at least every other day. Now I’m getting the front page of my website organised as well.


  5. Hello Sue, I came across your blog when I was searching for the program for the art trail. I am reading your blog with interest because I live in the Channel too. Just wanted to say hi to a fellow blogger and Channel-sider! Look forward to reading more of your blogs and eventually meeting you.


    • Hello Mei, thank you for visiting and commenting, I look forward to meeting up with you in person someday. Checked out your jewellry, I do like what you are producing.


  6. Thanks Sue. By the way, the link to your blog on crag site is a bad link. I had to take out the http. Just to let you know.


    • The http is part of the URL, without the www, same as your blog, so that’s how I listed it. I’ve changed it and it now works. Thanks for letting me know. Cheers, on a cold grey day Sue.


  7. Havig trouble with publi omputrs many can’t spll missing lttrs … In Rottrdam heading for Eindhovn latr today. Visit Eschr Exhibition on wknd…


  8. you have been nominated in the versatile Blogger Awards. Check here….http://jenbeads.wordpress.com/versatileblogger…moi?


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