My new studio – it’s happening, yeay!

The dream started over 20 years ago, but something always got in the way.  When we were farming, any spare money went on new tractors, new tree planting, irrigation schemes, etc.  Now we are retired, the dream is finally becoming a reality.

This afternoon the builders arrived and began laying out lines ready for the digger tomorrow morning.

First boundary marker goes in

First boundary marker goes in (right where my car is usually parked)

 We thought everything would fit nicely into the lawn space, but  it was just a tad bigger …

Outside wall will be over the driveway

Outside wall will be right over the driveway

I’ll keep you posted 🙂




3 responses to “My new studio – it’s happening, yeay!

  1. Oh, I never really noticed exactly how big it was going to be. Now I am excited. I’ll miss the driveway though.


  2. colin hinrichsen

    How Very Exciting!!! Looks like are getting a new driveway as well. Good that you are keeping photo records of the before and after.

    Wishing you and Ted smooth sailing, no, building. Dorotea


  3. The lawn is just a big hole now, and a large pile of dirt off to the side.